Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Compost Bin!

Ok, I'm just going to apologize right now.

Sorry, in advance, for being overly-giddy about every little garden and house related thing that is going to be taking place this non-winter and that I'm going to be compelled to blog about, regardless of how insignificant it may be to the general population. (Most of you, my dear blog readers, aren't general people anyways, you are awesome, extraordinary, unique people who delight in simple things, so I know you'll rejoice with me!) I'm so happy because... for the first tiiiiiiiiiiiime in foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeevr (sing the Frozen song)..we are NOT moving again!!! So pardon me for being excited about things like

  • Being able to plant bulbs & actually watch them grow! (Shame on previous owners for not planing any, ever, the last 20 years. For shame.)
  • Being able to have a compost bin and not leaving it at the house while we move away! (I sure hope those guys who bought the house in NY are enjoying my awesome whiskey barrel compost bin.)
  • Planting fruit trees! 
  • Having a deck herb garden!
  • Having a deck at all!
Ok, that's enough for now. Look at my compost bin!!!

 I PERSONALLY hand-made it yesterday! In one day! While 37 week AND 3 days pregnant. (Don't worry, I didn't lift anything heavy.) I did, however, use my 3 handy-dandy assistants to help me haul the cart of wood through the hardware store. I assure you, I did no pushing, or even pulling, only light guiding, of the cart. The 8-year-old was very insistent on me not doing anything more than that. Trust me.

After the hardware store trip, I come home and took a loooong break, because, as you may know, trips to hardware store with the aforementioned assistants is a total energy-drainer in general, but even more so for a highly pregnant person. After my very very long break, during which I drank tons of water and may or may not have had some Easter jelly beans, I went back out in the garage and I measured and sawed the wood. I USED THE POWER SAW! It was awesome. Then I hammered and nailed the corners together. The 8-year-old hammered 2. Then he got bored and left to play outside. In between putting wood pieces together, I had to take long breaks and think. Think and visualize about how they would fit and what length the pieces of wood need to be. (Have I mentioned that I pretty much failed the spatial reasoning section of the SAT back in the day?)

I somehow managed to build the frame perfectly (to me). It is not perfect for a perfectionist (see exhibit A), but thankfully, I haven't been one of those since I was about 17.  

Exhibit A

I ran into a hiccup while trying to attach the hardware cloth. I assumed (don't ever assume anything!) that I could use our staple gun to staple in the hardware cloth. Well, that cloth is stubborn and rude! It would just push out the staples immediately. They weren't very long, so that may have been the problem, but the hardware cloth came in a roll and was just very circular and wasn't going to lay down nicely and be stapled.

My genius husband came to the rescue on this one. I was not up for another hardware store trip. So...the genius husband I'm married to (who undoubtedly aced the entire SAT back in the day - no seriously, I'm pretty sure he actually did), had an idea. Why not use my little wall nails, pound them in 3/4 of the way, and then fold them over? Genius I tell you!! I would have never thought of that.

I used this plan as my inspiration, but I knew I wanted the sides and back to have hardware cloth instead of wood. I did want the front to have the option of sliding boards in, for when the compost pile got too high. So, the bottom two pieces of wood are permanent, but I have the option of sliding more of these boards in and sliding them back out again, if I want to have easy access at turning my pile, thanks to that little gap there. My husband helped me figure that part out too - a little too much spatial reasoning for me on that one. A lid might be in the future for this bin, but for now, I just made what I needed. We'll see just how bad the critters get. =)

LOVE! I'm in love. You know what else is great? If I get really lazy, I could walk down half my deck stairs and dump my kitchen scraps over! Gotta love it. =) Take that, Suburbia! You can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of this girl. I can't wait to see what my garden will look like in 15 years. It's gonna be awesome. =)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway!

HAPPY octave of EASTER
to you!! 

Let's talk fashion, girly hairstyles, and a giveaway. Yay! Sorry. I say "yay" all the time. Probably at least 4 times in every blog post. What can you do? Life is exciting and we might as well express it!

I'm super excited because Heather, over at Lilla Rose, and I, have a little gift for you, just in time for Mother's Day! At my request, Heather sent me a few hair clips to review. I really liked them and bought a few more! I thought I'd share my review of these unique and beautiful clips with you.

Take a look! Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway at the bottom of the post! The winner will receive any clip (up to $16) of their choice!! YAY!! =)

Daisy Dangle Freestyle Flexi Clip - Size XS

Flexi Clip - Size S

Cluster Bobby Pins

Flexi Clip - Size M

Flexi Oh! Freestyle & Silver - Size XS

Divinely Framed Jewel - Size Mini


Aren't they so pretty? Each clip comes in different sizes and styles. The size is on the clip! Can you see the little M on the far right of this clip?

You can browse the different clips and styles on Heather's website. Just hit the SHOP NOW button or browse by keyword.

My favorite two things about these clips is the quality and how they look. They are sturdy, strong, and even though I haven't had them for very long, they seem like they would last a long time. There's nothing flimsy about them. And of course, they are also so pretty! I love how even one little clip dresses up even the simplest of hairstyles. 

I found all but one easy to use. The one I had trouble with was the Flexi Oh! This one was really small and I couldn't put it on myself without seeing what I was doing. It wouldn't fit my hair even with just a half pony tail. The clasp is a bit difficult to hook without looking at it. Putting it one someone else is super easy, but I think for me, the main trouble was that it was too small. 

Figuring out the right size is probably the hardest thing about these clips. This is why I tried so many clips. Once you figure out what size you like for what hairstyles, you're all set! Take some time to read the sizing chart and watch the sizing video, located on this page. You can also get a good idea with this chart below.

If you do end up with the wrong size, returns are easy
  • When a customer orders online it is absolutely free to have a clip exchanged!  Just e-mail with order # and preferred clip, and the new clip and postage-paid mailer for wrong-sized clip will be sent. 
  • When a customer gets a clip from a consultant, the consultant handles the exchange directly. 
I love the mini (Divinely Framed Jewel) for pulling back just a little bit of my hair. It's so decorative. I use the bigger clips for different things. My hair is medium thick. I think the largest clip for me is a Medium. I use it to pull all my hair back and hold it into a French-twist-type-bun. I also really like the Cluster Bobby Pins. They reflect the color of clothing that you're wearing, so they go with everything! 

To get a great idea of hairstyles and what you can do with Lilla Rose clips, watch this styling video.

************Now for the GIVEAWAY!!************

Would you like to win one of these beautiful Lilla Rose clips? Enter below! The Giveaway will stay open for a whole week! It closes at midnight Eastern on April 29th, and I'll announce the winner that week.

Don't forget to bookmark:
Heather's Lilla Rose Website - to shop online.
Heather's Lilla Rose page on facebook.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Nature Walk: Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring

Another Friday, another Nature Walk. Will you join me? 

I know some of you are going to be a little annoyed that I'm posting snow pictures again. Sorry! I still think the snow is so pretty and it really wasn't that cold. We got a light dusting the other day. No worries! It was gone by the afternoon of the following day, but I still had to snap some photos.

We spent the morning out in the country for nature day. The lodge had icicles! The wind kept blowing the snow off the bottoms of the tree trunks, and I thought they looked funny that way.

By afternoon, we were all outside. My rebel 8yo insisted on wearing only a t-shirt. It wasn't that warm, but even I was comfortably cool in a light sweater, and my newly pedicured toes weren't cold either. Thank you, grandparents, for watching the kiddos while I got my first pedi of the season! =) Yay! 

Some little people left some chalk outside in a dish, so it was slightly drenched. It'll be dry in no time on the warm patio. You know winter's over when you can get out the sidewalk chalk!

The little big-guy had a grand time on his little roller coaster...splashing through some water in his rain boots, while wearing his wolf hat, of course. =) He is just so darn cute.

I will leave you with a photo that will reassure any doubters out there that winter does actually come to an end in Minnesota. From my kitchen window, this tree looks like it's covered in red berries. It's so beautiful!

That's all for this week! What about you? Did you capture a little bit of nature? If you would like to share, please link up your blog post in the comments. 
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