Sunday, July 27, 2014

Garden, Food, and Baby

Hey. =) Long time no see.

Here's what's been going on at my house lately...

Today for lunch I made something super yummy:

You can find the recipe here. I found it in a magazine. I adapted it a little: left out the almonds and tomatoes. For the lemon sauce I mixed up in a little bowl: fresh chopped basil, garlic, white onion. Added a bit of red wine vinegar and lemon juice. Salt & pepper. Yum. (You can find the veggie slicer here.)

It's all part of my new gluten & dairy free diet. Yes, I know, I've been going back and forth on these for a while now. I tried gluten free back in 2013 to see it was related to the headaches. I did it for 3 weeks before we moved and I've been pretty much eating everything since. Well, after having no headaches throughout the pregnancy, they are back, with a vengeance! On the upside though, they are not nearly as bad as any of the headaches/migraines I experienced in Texas. I know stressful lifestyle (military & deployments) played a big part with those.

My essential oils don't take them away completely and neither does chiropractic care, although both help a little bit. This past weekend, I tried acupuncture for the first time ever and it seemed to end my 4 day headache. While talking with the acupuncture lady, I noticed some things in my health history and am pretty sure now that dairy could be playing a part with the headaches. Gluten is just bad for you, so I don't plan on ever eating it again, except during Mass - where I feel that nothing bad could come from consuming Jesus' body in the Holy Eucharist. (Obviously this doesn't work for people with gluten intolerance. They can receive just the Precious Blood, or a special, very low-gluten host.)

I know the headaches are caused by a combination of things. For me those are: Hormones, food (dairy, gluten), stress, and not drinking enough water. What else is new, right? Seems like those four things cause just about all health issues on the planet.  So, I'm feeling really great now and ready to finally give up the dairy/gluten. I just don't care anymore about not being able to eat certain things. I crave things, but then I will just eat something gluten/dairy free and when I am full, I don't crave anything. =) I have to do everything I possibly can to avoid the headaches.

Okay, enough about headaches. Let's talk about the garden!

My Cimicifuga James Compton is nearly dead. I took a pic, but the pic was basically dead too (all blurry), so never mind. I have no clue what's wrong with it. Probably a combo of things: soil is probably not good enough, too much water, or too little. We had a little heat wave (you Southerners are going to laugh at me), but it was in the upper 80's/low 90's and I had a headache or something, so I didn't get around to watering the plants. So, I sprayed it with my homemade anti-fungal remedy (hydrogen peroxide mixed with oregano essential oil), just in case, and hopefully it will life. I paid for this plant, so I want it to live!!

Other things are alive and well though. The flowers in my window box make me so happy.

The marigolds I planted from seed (Thanks for the seeds, Mom!) are growing nicely! Alongside them are some pumpkins grown from seeds, onions from a friend and some weeds. =)

In my borders, we randomly planted pumpkin and zinnia seeds. They're growing! The bunnies ate the tops off my sunflowers, so we won't be having any of those this summer. Our fruit trees are being snacks for the deer that we never see, so we sprayed them with something natural. We should have left up that horrid 6 foot tall privacy fence until our fruit trees were well established. Oh well. =)

That's all for now! No more Nature Walks, no more regular blogging. Life is good & full. I will be here every now and then.


  1. Hi there! Sorry about your headaches, not fun at all. I get them, monthly now, only since giving birth. Still have not figured it out yet, I know it is hormone related, just need to find the balance. Things look good in your garden. We lost our sunflower tops to chipmunks we think :( I love zinnias.

  2. So much in our female bodies IS hormone related -- sorry to hear your migraines came back. I hope dairy free/gluten free works. It's hard to stick with it because food just takes a lot of work, doesn't it? I often wish we didn't have to eat at all.

    That baby is so sweet. I wish I could have some snuggle therapy. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, the baby is sooo cute! :) I know you're just enjoying all of life right now. Glad you gave a little update.

    Sorry about the headaches. Well I know how awful they are. Good for you going GF and DF. HUGE difference those make for me. I still experienced horrible, horrible migraines post-Zoe as you well know and now that my cycles are finally, finally more *normal* (2.5 years later), I can see just how much hormones played into that mess. I find if I eat cleaner as I lead up to ovulation and my period, the headaches are so much better. I think it's so much worse when you have one trigger piled on another. Sometimes of course it seems as if nothing triggers it other than hormones. A woman's body is CRAZY.

    I'm with Barbara - why do we even need to eat anyway?!

    And... I know I have yet to reply to your email and it's July 30th. Of course. Life happens.

  4. Hello Elisa :) I've been following your blog updates but writing comments on my tablet is a pain... so now that I'm on my hubby's computer... how are you doing?! Your little guy is adorable. I also got your message about the soap and still have to look into it. My soap making has been on hold for the summer but I'll start up again in the fall. I'll let you know what I come up with :)


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