Friday, March 7, 2014

Nature Walk: Gray & White

Hey there! Ready for another Nature Walk? Grab your camera, a button, and come along!

This week was cold and dreary, all grays and whites, with the occasional gold. It warmed up a little bit early on, (think 25*F), and then the wind came back, so we barely managed to walk very far. I'm really really really hoping the forecast isn't lying when it says we will have 40* this coming week! 

Signs of spring are all around, it just doesn't look like it at first glance. More and more birds are coming back, snow is melting off the roof-tops (slowly but surely), and the trees are growing tiny buds, but I won't be able to explore those until the wind dies down.

This is one of the many lakes. It's a smaller one not too far from our house that has swimming in the summer. (I guess most of them do.) My camera made a light blue spot on most of the shots and I have no idea why! Oh well. =)

I love big trees! This one reminds me of some of the big oaks they have down in Texas. Those were the only big trees down where we lived. Now we have big, huge, trees all around! Yay!

These are some pretty planted grasses on the way out of the park.
I like getting ideas for what to plant around my house, because there isn't much here yet. 

That's all for now, Folks! ;) 

Did you take a Nature Walk? 
If you did, please link it up in the comments. I'd love to see it. 

PS: In case you missed it last week, you must stop over at Sue's in Australia and enjoy the beautiful, rainy garden slideshow, especially if you're still stuck in snow, like we are. =)


  1. Hello Elisa, here the first flowers begin to bloom, and only in the high mountains snow.

  2. Elisa,

    So much snow! Your photos are very striking. I'm looking forward to seeing your lake in summer. It sounds like you are ready for spring!

    Your walk was grey and white and ours was green and brown. We took a walk through the bush at the end of our road:

    Thank you so much for the link to my walk in the rain!

    1. Yay, Sue! I love it that you are linking up. I love "visiting" you so far away. =)

  3. Nope, no walk, but you're absolutely right, the signs are there. We have had some warmer days above freezing so I can actually see some ground again. Don't worry, we have a storm coming this week to fill it all up again. ;) But the heartier birds are coming back. I see and hear them. The squirrels and bunnies are more active. I smell a manure smell outside, thank you neighbor farmer putting it on your fields. Days are longer. The air itself feels different even when cold.

    There is something about the spare beauty of winter, but I sure do look forward to your spring pictures.

    1. Yes! Winter makes us appreciate the beauty of spring & summer so much more..kind of like Lent & Easter!


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