Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nature Walk

Hey! Another stroll around the house. I never tire of these. How would you all like to join me if I post a Nature Walk link up next Thursday? I'd love to see what you are discovering on your walks around the garden, the park, the woods.

Something I long for, once we are out of the military: a garden. It doesn't become a masterpiece in two springs. I cannot wait to have my very own, permanent, garden. Maybe one day it will be a work of art too. These photos are of my mother's garden.

The first rose on our bush.

I cannot wait until these hydrangeas are in bloom.


Baby Apricots

Baby Cherries

Row of peonies.

Ants love peonies because the peonies have a sweet nectar on their bulbs that are about to open. I think it's kinda cool.

Pretty moth/butterfly (lower left).


  1. Beautiful pics as always, but what I really want to say is how awesome those trees are behind the peony bed. Those are the magic of childhood!

  2. The photos are stunning, again, Elisa! I'd love to link up with you, though my photos aren't very good. We're in Autumn (your Fall) at the moment - it'll interesting to compare.

    Hope you're having a good week, Elisa :-)

  3. Beautiful photos! I am in love with peonies and still don't have any in our yard. :( Please post more pics as they bloom so I can get my fix! Baby apricots? I am surprised they are in your area but I bet they will smell so good as they ripen. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Forgot to mention that I will gladly link up with you next Thursday!

  5. I just started following you Elisa. I was a military wife myself for over 17 years. My husband retired after 22 years of service. It will come sooner than you think. I miss it more than he does. It was such a culture shock for me. We moved to Texas (where he is from - I am a New Yorker) and I figured it would be fairly easy to make friends here when we got out. I wish I had been right... If you have not grew up with the people and gone to school with them or if you do not work in their circles you are pretty much shut out. It's been four years and I have yet to make a friend still. I miss our military days when all it really took was a smile and a wave at your neighbor and before long you were friends.
    On the positive side...yes you do get to do all those wonderful things like planting a garden and growing flowers and so forth. We had such beautiful roses at our last duty station at Fort Benning, I hated to leave them. They were too well established to just go digging them up. The military used to have a self help center where you could go pick up plants if you wanted to make your yard look beautiful, they did away with that about 7 years ago. I used to go there almost daily to see what they would get in for plants for our yard. I had nothing better to do my husband was always gone (even before Iraq and Afghanistan started he was always on the road). Anyway... Glad I found you and I better stop for now or I will go on all day long. I love your pictures, your yard looks beautiful. Have a peaceful enjoyable day.

    1. Dear Joe Joe, thanks for your lovely comment. I know what you mean about it being hard to make friends. I've always been blessed with really great neighbors, but I wonder what it will be like when we settle. At least we will have our family. We will always look back on our military days with a smile. We go through rough times, but in hindsight, it won't matter, because we went through them together.

  6. Lovely plants. I want to have lots of plants too but this is a parsonage so we have what was here and when we got here there was lots of pine trees and grass, that's it. I have a small garden and a small herb garden. I want to plant a couple of peonies this year.
    Someday I hope you have lots of beautiful plants like your mom's. I love the idea of photos of the outdoors.

  7. Elisa, I'd join your link-up. This Thursday I might miss if I decide to go to my cousins wedding, but I think it's a great idea!

  8. Oh Elisa, it is beautiful!!

  9. No wonder you take lots of strolls around the garden. It is really beautiful. It's wonderful to watch things grow at this time of the year.

    ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for nearly two years.

  10. Oh yes, I'll join! see you Thursday on the garden nature walk.


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