Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doodles for the Scrapper

I'm not a scrapper, but I love to doodle.  I got this idea from a pin on pinterest.  You can make your own cool scrapbooking paper, blog background, cards, or whatever.  Heck, if I had walls that were my own, I might even paint a section like this.  Basically, you draw cool shapes in watercolor on paper first, wait until they're dry, and then outline with a sharpie.

Here's the inspiration, found through a pin from Amanda.



  1. Very pretty. I was perusing Etsy tonight for art for the basement walls. I am wondering if I can create what I was looking for--a world map, big and colorful maybe with doodles on the continents. I was thinking of using wood. I wonder how to achieve the color -- watercolor won't work on wood. Maybe acrylics but I love the look of watercolor.


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