Monday, May 31, 2010


{Right Now}  I'm just reading blogs this morning.  Check out this one.  The kids are watching a show on television.  Hubby is still sleeping.  This is what our mornings have been like since living in this two bedroom furnished apartment while waiting for our house on post to be ready.  We can't really go outside.  There are too many cars and too much concrete out there.  The kids have some books we picked up at a friend's garage sale and lots of cars (and...I guess we have a jet too).

{This past weekend}  We went to the pool yesterday even though there was a little rain shower in the early afternoon.  We got there around 4pm and we were the only ones there.  The rule was that every time the lifeguards heard thunder, they had to wait 30 minutes until the water was open.  So, we waited.  More people showed up and read books in the sun.  It seemed like every 25 minutes or so, there would be another distant thunder and "restart" would be shouted by the lifeguards.  The boys chased birds and played with sticks.  An hour later or so we went back home.  They had just restarted it again and it was going to be another 30 minutes.  So we came home, made dinner and I went to bed shortly after the boys did because I've been feeling so tired.

We are going to try to go to the pool again today.  Andrew has until Thursday until he has to go to work and I'm left out here in concrete-no-tree-land without a car.  I met another stay-at-home mom at the pool on Saturday who also just moved here a month ago.  She has a mini-van and said she'd come out here or pick me up and take us to the pool, which is going to be a lifesaver.

{Some plans for this week}  I'm actually starting my two online classes today.  They're fast eight week courses, classes one and two of the four left for me to get my bachelors degree in general studies.  I'll be so happy when I'm done!  I actually love learning, but I have limited options at the online college, so I'm stuck taking statistics and a gerontology class.  I am going to brainwash myself for the next eight weeks and tell myself that: "I love numbers" and "I want to learn how to do all kinds of crazy {maybe useless} things with the calculator".  When I lie to myself like this, I learn better, because my spirit is willing.  The gerontology class should be interesting and enjoyable.
{If I can find some time for myself, I want to}  Stop planning my exercise routine, and actually start it.  I have a billion excuses of why I'm not exercising right now.  I probably won't start until we're moved into the new place.  When we're in transition, exercise routines are the first to go.  I may just take a small step towards being healthier and do something little at home.

{Special prayer intentions}  For a family member who has cancer.  For a family member who is having postpartum complications.*  For all families who have lost a loved one. 

{Something that makes me smile}  Flowers.  Our house in NY is still up for sale.  I miss my garden.  Wish I could see the lilies, hydrangeas and rhododendrons blooming.  Wish I could see that little blueberry bush bear fruit late this summer.  I can't wait until we move in and I can start digging my hands in the dirt again!

Thank you, Nadja, at Patch O'Dirt Farm for letting me join in on Monday Morning Musings.
*This prayer has been answered!  The complications are nonexistent.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink Saturday's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Here are some pink things I've found over the summer.

I painted my niece's toe nails for the first time.  Pink!  How fun it was and how she loved them; she kept eyeing her pretty toes.

The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia.  You must stop there for lunch if you're ever in Savannah.

This is the store front for the lovely sewing shop I passed by in Savannah, and it is there I snapped my favorite picture:

Fabric!  One of my favorite things in the world.

These were a surprise find at a thrift shop in Texas.

So pretty!

That wraps it up for my contribution to Pink Saturday's 2nd birthday party!

Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see lots of other pink things and participate in the celebration.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Storefront on Wordless Wednesday

Snapped this picture while strolling through Savannah.

Unfortunately, my picture doesn't capture all the beautiful colors.  Here is the photograph from their website.

Please visit other blogs participating in Wordless Wednesdays and Outdoor Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shopping in Savannah

Ask any of my friends...I'm historically a terrible clothes shopper.  When I was in High School I'd walk into a store, take one look around at all the racks of clothing and turn and leave.  Now that I have children, not much has changed.  I have learned that in order to really find nice clothing, I have to take the time to look.

Solution?  Mom's day out!

I spent this spring at my sister's house in Savannah.  Here are some of the picture of our mom's day out.

That's me at Forever21.  This store has some really awful outifts, but every now and then they have cute things.  I found a really pretty long dress here.

This is how I shop these days.  I go without my children and I have one mission:  FIND CLOTHING.  I grab absolutely everything that looks nice and try it on.  I usually end up walking out with one or zero things!  I'm pretty picky when it comes to clothing.  I guess this is a good thing for the pocket book, but a bad thing for my wardrobe.  Maybe it's not that I'm picky...but that I insist that clothing must fit perfectly!  This is one of the reasons I want to become a better seamstress, so I can taylor clothing to fit my unique (and ever changing) shape.

This isn't a very good picture of the vintage clothing store on Broughton in downtown Savannah:  CIVVIES.  (Check Civvies Broughton on facebook.)  I found a really cute summer dress here and another really nice dressy/vintagy top, all for fairly cheap!  I hear you can bargain here, which I forgot to do...oops!

These are just some of the pretty store fronts in Savannah.

This store is called DC2 Design.  It has really trendy things in it.  It has smelly candles, curtains, furniture, jewelry, sunglasses...and other such lovely things.  I bought a really pretty necklace and earring set here:

I had to take two pictures, so you could see that the insides of the flowers are little black stones or glass, whatever it is =)

That's all for now!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Make Your Own Handprint T-Shirts

This is a really fun, cheap and easy craft you can do with little children.

I bought three t-shirts, paint and brushes for less than $17.

Cut up cardboard (from empty cereal boxes) to fit inside the t-shirt so that the paint doesn't bleed through.

Here comes the fun part.  Paint the hand and gently pressed it down onto the t-shirt.  Make sure you press down onto each finger, so that there aren't any gaps in the paint.  Gently, lift the hand back up.

We did a hand print for each cousin on each t-shirt and wrote the year on there.  The kids love their new t-shirts and they have a memory of the three months they spent together.

Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes (vol.5)

Hi Everybody.  I've missed you all so much.  I haven't been posting all that much lately because we've been moving...well, since February!  We've been here and there living with family members and have finally come to our final (well, almost final) destination.  We are staying in a temporary apartment until our house is ready in three to four weeks.  I'm still without my favorite things, one of which is my sewing machine.


I've been dreaming of sewing.  I wanted to make a few of these hooded towels for the kids!  How fun and easy are these!  Click on the picture to go the how to video on DIY  This is a weekly webisode and every week there's a new give away.  The current one is still open, so check it out.


I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and getting really tired of the old animal crackers and wheat thins.  I've been feeling woozy at night.  What are your favorite pregnancy snacks? 


Check out this public service announcement.  It is called "Embrace Life: Always Wear Your Seat Belt".  It's the best I've ever seen.  Almost makes me cry...but that's probably because I'm pregnant. =)


On May 10th, I was at my nephew's water birth.  It was an amazing thing to watch.  I'm definitely having a water birth in December. Yay!


Earlier this week, the kids and I caught part of an animated kids program on EWTN about John Paul II.  Does anyone know the name of it and where we can buy the DVD?


Keep our family in your prayers!  Moving is always rough and this is by far the most complicated move we've ever had to go through.  All your prayers help.  Thank you!

Thank you Jen for hosting 7 Quick Takes.  Please check out more Quick Takes here.
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