Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Devotions - The Rosary

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I have been thinking about this for quite some time.  The problem is, we just haven't done it yet.  I've been wanting to pray the Rosary daily as a family since I've been married.  Then we had a baby, went through a deployment, moved a few times.  All these things seemed to get in the way of our spiritual life as a family.  Of course, we've always gone to Mass on Sunday, but I really wanted to do something more.

I'm sure I'm not the only military wife who has struggled with this.  I think it is that much harder for us military moms to stay organized and have routines because we are constantly going through changes.  These last five and half years I've been waiting for the perfect time to start.  I am realizing more and more, with all things, the time is now.  

I recently found some really nice tips from Catholic moms about praying the Rosary with the family, especially with little children.

This idea by Kimberlee is just brilliant!

She crocheted ten red roses for the Hail Marys and one white rose for the Our Father.  She uses two baskets and has the children transfer one rose for each prayer.  It helps her children stay focused and is much easier for little fingers to do than keep track of the tiny beads.

Another idea I liked is from Angèle who posted it to the Faith & Family Community.

To help her concentrate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary while doing laundry, dishes, etc., she says:

St. Louis de Montfort recommends (if you know you're going to be distracted) that for each Hail Mary you say a word or two after "Jesus" in the Hail Mary to remind yourself which decade you're on ("...fruit of thy womb, Jesus scourged. Holy Mary..." "Jesus crucified," "Jesus presented," "Jesus risen," "Jesus' mother assumed into heaven" etc.).

Here are a few more reasons to pray the Rosary daily along with some quotes, one of which is from Our Lady of Fátima:

"Say the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world."

We are starting the daily family Rosary this evening. We will pray it after dinner.  The good thing about the Rosary is that we can pray it no matter where we are.  We can pray it while in a car, at a hotel or in a temporary apartment.  I know it will take commitment and perseverence, but I hope that our family can come to love this daily tradition and look forward to it in times when the only thing constant in our day is the praying of the Holy Rosary in the evening.


  1. What a nice family devotion time, praying the Rosary after dinner each night. I believe that praying together and having devotions is the best gift we can give our children. We are not Catholic, but we prayed with our girls, not always consistent with devotions. They do this when they can with their children; missing it happens, but the important thing is to keep trying. God loves our hearts turned towards Him!

  2. We pray the rosary as a family about once a week. It is a struggle for the younger children. I like the idea of the flowers but I haven't ever crocheted. Maybe I could knit something similar.

  3. I think your words "the time is now" are perfect in taking time for your daily family Rosary.

    When I was growing up, I went to a Christian Scientist church. My family also spent a great deal of time in nature. So in my little head, I put the two together and decided that I can pray, anytime, anywhere - and I still do. :)


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